In the news: Kepler’s latest haul

NASA kicked off Exoplanet Week with a big announcement from the Kepler space telescope: 219 new planet candidates, fresh-baked for you in the constellation of Cygnus. The haul includes 10 ‘Earth-like’ planets which really got the international press salivating. At this rate we should be expecting a phone call from ET any day now.

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The Forest Moon of Endor

When the Imperials went looking for a quiet spot to host Emperor Palpatine’s personal retreat, the Forest Moon of Endor must have seemed a natural choice. It’s 46,000 light-years from the office, populated by cuddly locals, and features verdant woods which are completely dissimilar to the redwood forests of upstate California. No wonder this treechanger’s paradise also goes by another name – the Sanctuary Moon.

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